Hate him? Impossible!!!! Look his face ♥

I took a month with this drawing…I hope that the effort has paid off  @__@

Hope u like it!

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Hey folks! Guess who is narrating the audiobook for The Slow Regard of Silent Things by Patrick Rothfuss?

It’s only bloody Patrick Rothfuss himself! :D

Here is a sneaky teaser of his dulcet tones….


90 Sep 19th #patrick rothfuss #auri #slow regard of silent things


I have just finished the lightning tree, Pat Rothfuss’ offering to the collection ‘Rogues’ I was so excited to get to his piece and he didn’t disappoint at all.  I loved it. We got  a short story about Bast and I had to paint him!

I painted this in one session today, that’s the first time in ages that’s happened, it was nice to slip in something like this.

This is a scene from the story where Bast spies on Emberlee taking a bath - cheeky!

93 Sep 18th #bast #art


I’ve been testing out an inking style by drawing scenes from The Name of the Wind. Very happy with Bast, that’s Bast from my brain. But how old is Chronicler? What does he look like? How tall is he? I am only now realising how annoying it is not to know the age of a character. 

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"I began to cry"

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Kvothe quick sketches.

20 Sep 15th #kvothe #art


Kvothe & Bast & Elodin.

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"Barrel. Barley.

Stone and stave.

Wind and water.


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“But you,” he pointed to me. “You have fire in your hands.”

destroy me immediately . this scene is canon what can u do to stop me 

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