I would say my favourite is either Elodin- or Kvothe of course! I like Tempi a lot too, oh and Auri! Honestly, Pat writes his characters so well that you can't really hate any of them. Even Ambrose- I don't like his character per say but I do think he's a well written character!

6 Jul 22nd #oh i definitely hate ambrose :3 #fandom #ultraanimegirl44
So what are your thoughts on the fact that there may be a KKC television series? I am personally really worried that they are going to ruin it; cast actors that are ALL wrong, etc. I don't know tons of people who read the book, so I wanted to see what your thoughts were on it!

Oh yeah I’m terrified, there are any number of things that could go wrong. It seems like the writer is working decently closely with Pat on it and that he cares about the series, so I’m sure everything will turn out okay :)

11 Jul 22nd #tv series #fireflieschasingnight
That's what I know: The pilot is the episode that is written (and later filmed) to have something to show networks. Often, those episodes are not shown to the public (for example the Sherlock pilot on the DVDs). The series bible is the concept of the show - it contains synopsis, character descriptions and similar on which later writers and producers can refer to when it's made. Both being delivered doesn't mean it's picked up, all we can hope is now they produce at least the pilot.

Thank you <3

6 Jul 22nd #tv series #thethornofcamorr
Wait, so what does the pilot mean? Like, the script for a pilot episode? And how did it get written if it still needs to get bought? And how is a pilot both a pilot and a series bible? Sorry, I'm a doofus sometimes but this all sounds very exciting!

I’m guessing it’s the script! I have no idea, I think FOX bought the rights to produce it but that didn’t mean they were actually going to. So now that the writer has something to show, he needs someone in particular to pick it up as a director/producer? I honestly don’t know, so if people keep sending questions like this I’ll just post them with no answer :P I think a pilot and series bible are two different things. 

3 Jul 22nd #tv series #anon
What's the deal with the "KINGKILLER pilot + series bible"??? :D

It’s the tv series! It just went out to buyers apparently. So the writer is waiting for someone to pick it up to air it as a show I believe. (I know nothing about tv production so if anyone does feel free to correct me)

13 Jul 22nd #tv series #anon

So uh… this is a thing.

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Am I allowed to throw in for Kote? Not Kvothe from his youth, specifically Kvothe the Innkeeper. He is heartbreaking

You are indeed!

5 Jul 21st #fandom #arceoxys
Where did you read rogues

I didn’t! Haven’t had the money to buy it, and haven’t really looked for it otherwise. There’s an excerpt of Bast’s story here but I wouldn’t know where to find the entire thing other than in a bookstore.

3 Jul 20th #fandom #rogues #thewondrousland
After reading the short story "The Lightning Tree" in Rouges, Bast has become basically my most favorite character in just about any book ever! Although Vashet and Devi are really close too! Every character in the book is so well written, even Ambrose has a fairly rich personality, all the better to dislike him for!

15 Jul 20th #fandom #onequarterlion


is that not what the book’s about?

424 Jul 20th #this is pretty accurate #name of the wind #fandom